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Our Approach

Our philosophy is a simple one. We aim to create free manufacturing that serves two goals: make to works and make what's wanted.

It must be made to works. Cases that carry. Cases that is practical, and always to optimization.

And it must be what is wanted. We work to create makeup storage cases that the industry desires. That maximize brand image. That become phenomena unto themsleves.

Our Guiding Principles

The following principles are golden rules to us. If they are also important to you, feel free to share with us.

  • Goal-Driven Design

    Our bespoke business runs on results. We believe in goal-driven design, pinpointing the connection between business benefits, user experience, and the capacity designed to carry them together.

  • Clients as Partners

    The best cases are created when everyone operates as a single team with shared goals. Our success is measured as a team, so we sit on the same side of the table with our clients.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    We take pride in presenting high-value products and services that we stand behind, which secures customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our employees and our growth.

Why Chanceway?

We know how hard it is to pick a manufacturer. Save time and money by eliminating the middleman with Chanceway.

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    The Right Manufacturer

    From inception to shipping, we can manage the entire process or lend a hand where it’s needed most. Our service page​ offers a deeper dive into each of our makeup case capabilities, where you will find everything you need and everything creates possibilities.

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    Free and Direct Contact

    Chanceway is a group of equal contributors who serve openly and honestly with clients. For each phase of a project, members of the team are directly accessible. And we encourage our clients to share ideas and inspiration whenever it strikes.

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    Constant Knowledge Updating

    To attract and engage the best people, we take training and developing very earnestly. We have constantly invested over the years with the aim of establishing this importance of makeup case performance, placing emphasis on employee development plans, and internal talent management.

Factory Base

We call the Chanceway factory home and hail from the most recognizable location of professional makeup case manufacturing all over the world: Dongguan, China.

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