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    Being a worldwide technology and market leader in the makeup case manufacturing, quality does not come about by chance at Chanceway, but is embodied in the company's corporate culture and is an element of our corporate identity.

    We strictly follow ISO 9001 quality rules. Quality is guaranteed by consistent alignment of all business process set to a holistic quality management.

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    Quality assurance at Chanceway is using special procedures, which we continuously strive to improve in terms of efficiency. The methods introduced below to enable us to continue to perfect our processes, to identify possible sources of problems and to avoid errors by acting with foresight:

    Regular audits
    RoHS 6P
    California proposal 65

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    Chance Way underlines the first-class quality of its products. Our brand quality reflects an uncompromising drive to deliver maximum customer benefit.

    Product safety through careful raw material selection and compliance with strict quality standards in the overall production process play a central role in this regard.

Case Integrated Management System

Standardizing, improving, conserving and protecting – these are the tasks of our integrated management system. According to our corporate strategy, it is tailored to our customers' individual needs and pools resources in all our cosmetic case workflows and processes.

Process Reliability

Quality management encompasses all organizational measures that serve to maintain both the quality of case design and workmanship.

Energy Efficiency

The basic tasks of energy management comprise the identification of sources of loss and the responsible handling of energy. Chanceway strictly controls the use of electricity and gas for sustainability.

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Health & Safety

Chance Way has given itself the mission to protect its people at work. We regard it as a pre-requisite to sustain competitiveness and sustained market success - because our people are our most valuable asset.

Environment Protection

We are using our corporate policy to structure our business environment, by maintaining clean air in the factory and green working area.

Advanced Testing Lab

From the beginning of every project, our quality assurance staff works with you to define the required testing strategy. This includes any combination of mechanic testings and manual testings, to generate and execute tests as features are completed.

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    Drop Testing

    Drop testing aims at assessing the fragility of a case and simulate the shocks during transportation by subjecting to repeatable impacts.

  • cosmetic case shipping test

    Distribution Testing

    Distribution Testing is to simulate the validation of our case packaging, ensuring adequate protection of the product to reach its final destination in the right condition.

  • makeup case pulling test

    Pull Testing

    The maximum tensile strength of the case materials and assemblies can be measured by pull testing. By doing so, we come to know the maximum energy the material can withstand and help improve our strategy.

  • zipper and slider test

    Zipper & Slider Testing

    The quality of zippers and sliders is evaluated by a specific machine for zipper longevity. This includes tensile strength, top, and bottom holding strength and lock strength measuring.

  • cosmetic case salt spray test

    Salt Spray Testing

    We use a high-saline environment simulator to measure the corrosion resistance of metals, paints, and coatings of cases over extended periods, to ensure the durability in extreme environments.

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