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Why Choose
Chanceway's Material?

Both natural and synthetic materials for cases have a safe and unsafe range, and function similarly due to their common structure.

We understand that some clients prefer to use natural materials, so we are working to provide more makeup cases with elements that are naturally sourced. And we're also doing the legwork to ensure we use the most sustainable and earth-friendly materials.

  • leather in different colors

    #1 Leather

    With its soft, supple feel, leather materials mold to the case body and adjust to external temperature so it feels neither hot nor cold. Leather stands up to tear that would ravage other finishes, lasting an average of time longer than other coverings. The look and feel of Chanceway makeup case will actually improve your brand image. Finally, it takes very little care to maintain our leather's rich appearance, making it the perfect case furnishing.

    • PU Leather
    • PVC Leather
    • Cowhide Leather
    • Glyte Leather
  • colorful cloth

    #2 Fabric

    Chanceway recognizes that fabric is popular for customization, giving the product a well-defined personality and the strength to resist the passage of time. Our makeup cases are clad in natural fabric and artificial fiber, which are fresh and last for a long time. The fabric of our collection plays with different colors and patterns, to form amazing combinations and glossy effect, all with timeless appeal.

    • Flannelette
    • Cotton
    • Satin
    • Nylon
  • wooden sheet

    #3 Wood Sheet Material

    Chanceway is sensitive to the environment and above all, it tries to reduce waste during sheet processing. The sheet materials used by Chanceway comes from local districts where severe norms are in force regarding the protection of forests. Specifically, the company only purchase raw sheet materials from legal suppliers to avoid any pollution.

    • Fiberboard
    • Laminated Sheets
    • Solid Wood Panel
  • aluminium materials

    #4 Aluminium

    Aluminum is a Chanceway preferred material to make cases. For its ability to resist corrosion and low density, case components made from aluminum and its alloys are vital to the case frame and very important in transportation and anti-vibration. In Chanceway, we are adept at assembling with aluminum and it is a good general purpose metal for case parts.

    • Aluminum Sheets
    • Aluminum Alloy Plate

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