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Chanceway team intimately knows your challenges. We experienced them, too, asking the same questions you may have now: Is customized solution right for us? Where do we start? How do we get a positive business return?

Because we have understood these challenges and experienced successes with our own makeup case manufacturing journey, we can help you navigate yours and provide the most beneficial solution to your project.

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    Material Access

    The materials come directly from certified suppliers. Whatever the specific material, we carry out a full assessment of feasibility and cost-effectiveness, so we're assured a great and productive start.

    We strictly follow the principle of ISO9001 - Acceptance Quality Limit(AQL) and visual inspection of project drawings, Pantone, and sample model.

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    Training Schedules

    We interact with our employees to increase their potential output, through organizing regular training schedules which constantly improves their technical skills and their awareness of various modes. Moreover, we ensure that our workers are well-versed with our safety protocols and carry out their responsibilities appropriately.

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    • automatic cutting machine and worker


      We perform the cutting in the operation of auto cutting machines under the construction of engineering paper.

    • wood notching


      Wood sheet and aluminum processing by grooving machines and multi-spindle drilling machines.

    • metal notching


      Our automatic punching system helps create certain specification and shapes of aluminum materials.

    • glue in case


      Seamlessly using automatic attaching machines on paper, leather and plastic boards, with added mold proof processing.

  • first aid case printing



    Silkscreen printing, digital printing, stencil printing...take advantage of the possibility to promote your company to others. The silkscreen print is indelible and durable using auto silk screen printing machine. Digital printing and stencil printing are leveraged as client needs, and edge sharpness and color saturation can be held exactly.

  • metal corner assembly


    Component Assemblies

    Components can be incorporated into an engineered automated assembly system combining riveters and punching operations. Our in-house engineering staff has many years of experience and can solve your most difficult assembly problems and find solutions to improve product and assembly efficiency.

  • makeup case packaging



    Finished product is standardized and undergoes rigorous quality control and standard industry testing prior to release for shipment. Chanceway completes quality packaging by auto sealing machine and labeling machine. After passing quality control & testing, a finished product is shipped via the carrier and method specified by the client.

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    Quality Management

    Get to know more about quality control that guarantees your business.

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